Audrey Hogan

In Éirinn

Here we are again. I’ve taken a considerable break from this little blog due to moving countries, then moving cities. Then starting a job. And then another job right after that. Plus an hour long commute to and from the city centre every day.

My free time has lately consisted of friends, family, buses and most importantly, catching up on sweet, delicious sleep.

I’ve said farewell to Paris and my friends there and relocated to Dublin where I’ve started a part-time job as a receptionist and another much more exciting job as an intern at the National Gallery.

I don’t want to go into huge detail about anything in particular about what I’m doing there, I’m not sure really how open or discrete I should be, but it suffices to say that it’s been a wonderful experience so far and a lot less intimidating than I felt it would be.

I’m getting so many insights into the workings of a grand institution like that and what’s more interesting is that I’ll be gaining experience during what is quite a challenging time for the gallery. Almost 70% of the gallery is closed right now while the historic building goes under refurbishment, presenting interesting projects for every department within the gallery. I am completely relishing this learning opportunity.

As well as giving me my first real work experience in a cultural institution, the internship programme has really bolstered my confidence in relation to future job prospects within the museum industry. This time last year it felt like finding any sort of experience in the field would be an impossible task, a feeling I’m sure most graduates of similar degrees are familiar with. While the internship only runs for three months, I’m starting to realise that all isn’t lost. There’s plenty to be optimistic about, even in these times of recession, funding cuts and budget day dread.

The featured image is For the Road, 1951, Jack B. Yeats, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Ireland, c. Estate of Jack B. Yeats via

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