Audrey Hogan

‘Where were you?’ at The Little Museum of Dublin

Drafted this about two weeks ago. Yikes, double-jobbing and house-hunting reeeally gets in the way of these things.

This Thursday a fellow intern and I went to the opening of a new exhibition at the lovely Little Museum of Dublin on St. Stephen’s Green.

The exhibition is called ‘Where were you?’ and is is inspired by the popular book of the same name which is now out of print. It is a wonderful collection of photographs by several local photographers of some of Dublin’s more colourful characters, the theme being subculture and sartorial choices from the past.

It was wonderful to see photographs from a Dublin where people really committed to a subculture in that way. I don’t feel like that ever really happens now. It’s as if subcultures have largely been homogenised and comfortably fit under the one broad heading of ‘hipster’, a term that is, for the majority of people, derogatory. The sort of commitment and pride it required to sartorially communicate your personal philosophy and beliefs is even more of an oddity in this post-modernist world than it was back then. ImageSt. Stephen’s Green, Derek Speirs, 1981

Michelle and I just missed the actual opening of the temporary exhibition but had an excellent tour of the permanent collection by the museum’s curator. He was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and funny. The beautiful old Georgian home is full with priceless and truly fascinating little oddities relating to the history of Dublin. I would highly recommend a visit for a history of Dublin that is a little off-kilter but wholly intriguing.

All of the information you could possibly want about The Little Museum of Dublin and the exhibition can be found at

The above photograph was also sourced from there.

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